Greg and Hospital CashierGreg Johansson is a man living an ordinary, anonymous life. Having just made “final arrangements” after his mother’s death, he finds himself with no family, no friends, and a dead-end job as a mail-order receptionist. And yet…to his dismay, he finds that there is someone out there who does know him…and who is out to destroy his life: an unknown assailant who is filing false complaints with Greg’s employer, canceling his credit cards, leaving taunting messages on his answering machine, and posting notices around his apartment complex identifying him as a sexual predator. 

Greg and ClaireThe latter event brings Claire, a young woman fighting demons of her own, into his life -- first as a would-be vigilante holding him at gunpoint, then, when the truth becomes clear, as a new ally. At her urging, he sets out to track down and stop his tormenter. When their search leads them to a phone booth outside a run-down motel, they stake it out and observe an itinerant workman, Levan Kartuli, making a suspicious phone call. Returning to Greg’s apartment, they find another message from the stalker, coinciding with the time Kartuli was observed making his phone call. They’ve found their man, and decide to retaliate by placing a “police notice” under his motel-room door. Claire assures Greg that this will “scare him off” for good.

Accident sceneBut, after a day of deceptive calm, Greg finds that his stalker can’t be shaken that easily. He has left another voice-mail message to Greg’s employer, pretending to be a drug dealer supplied by Greg. This time, the message costs Greg his job.

That evening, Greg and Claire return to the motel to confront Kartuli directly. Finding no one there, they break in and search the place. But this leads only to proof that Kartuli wasn’t the one they were looking for…and a tragedy that leaves Greg himself with blood on his hands.

GregThe next morning, Greg’s real assailant makes his final move, summoning Greg to a face-to-face showdown at an abandoned lakeshore estate. Greg realizes that he has no choice but to “play his game to the end.” He sets out alone to face his enemy, in what will become a confrontation where he will discover answers he wasn’t expecting…and the realization that the most important question all along was never who was doing this to him, but why...